Experts at various special questioning techniques, our characters add life-like content and colour to our theoretical and practical training in the science of questioning.

Held by our HR experts/trainers, IL’s training modules also involve what we call characters, that is, experts who share their experience and best practices with the participants. Unusual in the business world, their approaches and methods provide readily applicable views and tools as required by the situation.


Using his expertise and vision obtained in interrogations and observations, the detective teaches you to recognise deception and to read meta-communicative signs in interaction. He also teaches you how to focus and develop questioning tactics, and how to change those tactics quickly as the situation requires.


Moderating discussions in front of an audience, the reporter uses techniques that can help executives and employees become good listeners and efficient observers. Attention and conscious curiosity are the keys to communication. These qualities help establish better human and professional contact. At the same time, the reporter is also conscious of the difference between aimless chatting and a consciously constructed discussion that is useful for the organisation but is still honest and open. Processing answers quickly and efficiently, identifying hidden information and perceiving the respondent’s reactions accurately adds to self-confidence and self-assertiveness.


Using the methods of counselling and taking confessions, the priest teaches skills that help to establish and maintain a high level of trust and reveal and to remove deeply hidden obstacles in the way of opening up. Asking questions with empathy, listening with close attention and understanding create a culture of giving and receiving feedback, making participants sensitive to emotional and mental processes. Establishing a harmony of inner motivations and external goals, it helps developing the self and finding one’s way through.