About us

Experience-based development with detective, reporter, priest.

Diagnostics, consulting, training, coaching.

Techniques for interviewing, recruitment and questioning.

We firmly believe that through creative enthusiasm the human individual, the most important resource in any organisation, can contribute with spectacular efficiency to creating value for all the parties involved – provided that his/her values, mission, aims and talent are in line with the organisation’s culture, aims and targets, and with the requirements of the individual’s position in the organisation.

Using the synergy emerging from the professional skills of HR consultants, the methods of trainers and coaches, the competence of psychologists and the questioning techniques of detectives, reporters and priests, we strive to provide a service where the complex recruitment and selection processes we have developed for organisations and for the HR professionals whom we train to use these processes to the highest efficiency meet in finding an ideal synthesis of human qualities and skills with the companies’ expectations.

We firmly believe that companies can select and keep the best of the best and provide them with responsibilities, development opportunities and career paths that secure these employees’ long-term commitment and their contribution to success in business.